Just how obsolete is Q52Omni?

I know it is considered ‘legacy’ (read ‘no longer supported’). Still, what is the most recent firmware version for it, other than 7.43? Another question is, how could one possibly use the most up-to-date WIP versions with Q52Omni?


You should able to get more info from distributor/FAE…

BTW, one quick question, have you got Developer Studio installed?
I don’t use Q52Omni but from my Developer Studio installation, Q52 FW (7.44) is included in OASiS 2.34 package. Which at least allow you to upgrade from WIP ver 5.30 (7.43) to WIP ver 5.40 (7.44).

(The latest version for WIP is ver 5.42 in OASiS 2.36)

Hope this help.

lotam, thanks for replying. Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to contact any local services as the module in question has been purchased from a company which is no longer available for addressing support issues to.

Yes, I have the most recent packages installed with DS, from 7.43 to 7.46. The latest configuration that has Q52Omni support is 7.44.