Issues with em7565 with sprint and band 41+41+41

The em7565 used to work fine on 3xCA with band 41+41+41. One week ago I started having dropped packets so bad that throughput came to a crawl and eventually times out. This only happens once the 3rd band 41 becomes available and once it does it drops all the bands and shows fffffff for the cell ID all while never dropping the connection. If only 2xCA with band 41 it’s back to normal. Tested with a mc7455 as well and it works fine with 2xCA. Tested with a Note 8 phone and 3xCA works fine. Anyone have any ideas? Also why is at!lteca not an option with the em7565? I cant even turn off CA to force it to work if the command doesn’t exist.

I saw the the mc/em7455 recieved a new firmware that fixes sprint issues while using CA. Does the em7565 need this update as well?

EM7565 is not supported on Sprint.
Sprint ties the SIM to a specific MEID. How did you even activate it?

Same way as I do the mc7455. Use generic firmware. Been doing it for years without an issue. Sprint ties the device to the sim not the sim to the device.

Seems my issue is now fixed. Sprint is doing a lot of tower upgrades and was told my tower and many around my area were all going through these issues for the past week and a half. I got a call from sprint today saying it should be good to go and so I set it up and everything worked as it should.

Any chance you could elaborate on this? I have a new router and EM7565 on the way. I’d like to know the best process for activating on the Sprint Network with their 100gb data plan ($60/mo)…unless there’s a better plan that I’ve overlooked. Just use the generic f/w for the EM7565? Then how do I activate it with Sprint?

I pay $120 for all year on sprint and its unlimited data with pcsforpeople. You can also get calyx plan for $400 a year unlimited also. You can get sprint free for a year on a phone and use the sim as well in the em7565. Many options better and cheaper than $60 a month and only 100 gigs.

As far as making it work just use generic firmware and use the appropriate apn. If it’s a hotspot sim its normally r.ispsn. A phone sim will be n.ispsn.