EM7565 CA setup

I have come to the conclusion I am bad at this.

Service provider:T-Mobile
Bands/Width: AWS-1/15, Band12/5, Band66/10(but I believe this is a parent to AWS-1?)
LTE module: EM7565

I attempted to enable CA via AT!LTECA which returned not implemented looking around I see that people have achieved this via the AT!BAND command and pulling examples I really do not fully understand I was able to see a 4+12 attempt but it always states SCC1: Inactive

In reading the specs r8 for EM7565 it shows 3 ca for 4+4+12 and 2 ca for 4+12

If some one can point me in the direction of figuring this out I would be very grateful.

No need to activate it, it should CA by default when the ISP supports it.

Run a quick speedtest and while sending some data check at!gstatus?

CA will be deactivated by the NTWK when no data is to be sent.

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my god Oedenburger this was the issue. was wracking my head why it worked on a 7455 and not on the 7565.

Thank You