EM7565 3CA 41D issue

It looks like my UE support CA_41D however it is only doing 2CA. Any idea on how to configure the 3CA 41D?

Hi aj1

The EM7565 does not support 3CA 41D.

But it list 41D:41C in the AT!LTECA?

Hi aj1

This is the limit of the current firmware module. Sierra is aware of this issue. Please contact your reseller or distributor directly for technical support in this case.

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Is this being tested on live network or on a network simulator/call box?
ON a live network, the network determines the CA allocation, modem does not have control over it.

IF testing with a callbox/simulator then the callbox may have the capability to configure it to specific CA combo.

Different callbox may have different capabilities in this regard.

It is our own network simulator. The UE connects on 2CA but not on 3CA. In wireshark, the UE sending capability which does not include 41D:41C

Most 3CA band combos are called out by 3GPP Release 14 and after. EM7565 is really a Release 11 device that supports some Release 12 and Release 13 features for some carriers early adoption of 3CA support.

It’d be expected that 3CA band combos called out after Release 14 won’t be supported by EM7565.

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