How to unlock 4xCA at EM7565?

Hello there :slight_smile:
At stock 00028874 file there is a lot of 4x
But i have tested some 4xCA at my region and in UeCap there is only 3xCA Smartphone Combo - Sierra EM7565 25002
And for me works only 3xCA combos at all providers.
Last time i’ve tested EM7565 with 3-7C-20 aggragation, but works only 3-7C (3xCA limit)
At test i change 00028874 and write to in ontly 20-7C-3 combo, but in UeCap still only 3xCA combos:
Smartphone Combo - Sierra EM7565 25002
I know that EM7565 is cat 12 = 600 mpbs limit, but X16 modem can aggregate 4 carriers.
I’ve cheched lte_category, enable/disable_cap_ies files at EFS but no luck with that (there is no files with this name)
May be someone know how to unlock 4xCA at EM7565?
Thanks for answer
EM7565 CA

My Oneplus 8 Pro CA

From the “Supported RF bands” section in the EM75 specs, AirPrime - EM7565 - Product Technical Specification

Data rates: Downlink (Cat 12 with 3CA, 256QAM=600 Mbps; Cat 9 with 3CA, 64QAM=450 Mbps), Uplink
(Cat 13 with 2CA contiguous, 64QAM=150 Mbps)