EM7565 no B2+B5 CA support?

I was testing an EM7565 in a WE826-T2 earlier this week out in the sticks where I know that signal is a challenge (AT&T). I was excited to find that I was aggregating on B2 + B5 pulling down 10-15mbps. However, after about a minute I could no longer utilize band 2. It disappeared from my gstatus poll and I was only on band 5 pulling about 3-5mbps. There was nothing I could do to get it to communicate on band 2 other than power cycle the device. Then it would again aggregate for about a minute and then drop band 2 again.

I was reviewing the EM7565 product technical specification manual and noticed that for “2 bands/2CC,” a combination is not listed for band 2 and 5.
Why doesn’t the EM7565 support CA of Band 2 and Band 5?
Is there a way for me to add it using AT commands?
If it’s not supported, why does it work for the first minute after power cycling?

Is the best solution to buy a MC7455, which according to the product tech spec DOES support B2 + B5 aggregation?