Is Wavecom now officially dead?

The “Wavecom” name seems to have been completely erased from the entire site, and all the old Wavecom products & tools have been renamed.

AFAIK, Wavecom is just a brand now. They will probaly get rid of it completely soon.

That appeared to be the case up to the end of last week - when the site went down for “maintenance”

It appears to have happened Now!

There is no longer any mention anywhere that I can see of “Wavecom”;

All the products have been renamed:

  • Fastrack & Integra are now “AirLink FXT Series”
  • Q26xx, Q24xx, Q64, GR/GS64, Q52, Q2501 are now “AirPrime Q Series”
  • WMP Series Wireless Microprocessor are now “AirPrime WMP Series”
  • WISMOs are now “AirPrime WS Series”

etc, etc - see: … dules.aspx

If I type - where there is no mention whatsoever of “Wavecom”