WMP 100 datasheet?


Excuse me if this is a stupid question… I just received my WMP Development Kit. The Wireless Microprocessor that came with the kit is marked “WMP 100”. However this microprocessor is not listed amongst the list of Wireless CPU family members in any of the documentation I have. Can anyone tell me where I can get a datasheet for the WMP 100 or how it differs from the Q24,Q25 and Q26 series? :unamused:


Hi wernert,

Well… not sure to really understand what’s your looking for…
The WMP is effectively Wireless CPU, but it has a different for factor, as it comes in a BGA package. Which is a key differentiator from the previous Q24, Q25 and Q26 !
Regarding the datasheets, there are lots of document in the product area of Wavecom web site, anyway, you can ask to your distributor to provide you it if your not able to get it.


Well, the Wavecom documentation refers to the Q-series as “Wireless CPU’s”, but the WMP documentation calls it a “Wireless Microprocessor”.
All CPUs are microprocessors but not all microprocessors are CPUs. So there must be at least some reason why Wavecom chose two different naming conventions to distinguish between the two.

I tried to find datasheets on Wavecom’s website, but found only marketing brochures. Any, I will contact my Wavecom representative for the specifications.


The WMP100 is just a bare chip.

The Q-series are modules that include a processor, memory, etc…


Ah! That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.


I’m looking for a copy of the PTS = Product Technical Specification.

I couldn’t find a copy online. Our rep told us it’s in the privileged area, but I couldn’t find it there or anywhere else. The only doc I found is a brochure, which isn’t very useful to me.

We don’t have a development kit yet but we would like to look at the documentation so we can start our hardware design.


The technical documents are indeed in the “priviledged” area (or extranet!) at the following link:


Only distributors have access to these developers docs today but that’s all about to change with a brand new website focussed more on developers - due to go live at the end of November or early December (2007).

Just to explain the Wirless CPU / Wireless Microprocessor story:

  1. Any device that is capable of executing an embedded application, whether it be a script or a compiled binary may be used as the cenral processor of products developed by Wavecom customers. These devices are grouped under one umbrella and named by their primary function ie. “Wireless CPU”.
  2. Wireless CPU device families that support (1) above are categorised according to their form-factor:
  • Plug & Play Family (they look like “modems” but of course “modem” is a function, not a form factor and these devices do a heck of a lot more then DOdulate and DEModulate as we all know
  • Quik Family
  • Wireless Microprocessor Family

So, in summary, the device classification is “Wireless CPU” while the sub families are grouped according to form-factor. This was implemented since “module” meant absolutely nothing at all and “modem” is just one of plethora of the functions that all Wireless CPU devices support (albeit quite an important one!).

Hope that’s clear!