Is it possible to receive SMS during eDRX in HL7800?

Let’s say I set 10min eDRX interval in HL7800.
When I send SMS to it, does it receive SMS?

Hi Fyusuke, in Hibernate mode, HL7800 module should can wake-up from SMS or IP data reception. Do you faced any issues?

I should be waked up in usual mode without PSM or eDRX, but is it waked up in eDRX mode?

If you set 10min in eDRX interval, HL7800 doesn’t receive any data during 10min and receives during only a few seconds in one cycle. I’m not sure it can receive SMS during the short period.

I tested this process in another module, but doesn’t work out. I’m curious if HL7800 can do this.
Do u know about it?

Hi fyusuke,

I suggest check the following settings:
Could you provide your full AT logs first?

AT+CEDRXS=1,5,5 //NB
AT+KRIC=2,0,1,0 //2: RI activated on SMS (+CMT, +CMTI), Event notified on RI pin

I haven’t purchased HL7800 yet. If possible, I would like to know if it can receive SMS during eDRX before I buy it.

Sure HL7800 can receive SMS during eDRX .

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Thanks! I’ll consider using HL7800