HL7800 unable to receive data with eDRX cycle 81.92s

We’re using HL7800 FW: BHL78XX. with a NB network with a private APN and static IP-addresses.
When I configure the modem to use an eDRX cycle of 81.92s (AT+CEDRXS=1,5,5) I never get any data (indicated by +KUDP_DATA=1,[size]) when sending something to the UDP-server session (AT+KUDPCFG=1,1,53439,0,1) running on the 7800.

However if I instead configure the eDRX cycle to be 20.48s (AT+CEDRXS=1,5,2) everything work as intended.
Note that this change is the only thing that is different in the setups.

How can I get this working?
Do someone else have a similar problem?


Forgot to mention that the modem is configured to use “Lite Hibernate” during the eDRX cycle (AT+KSLEEP=1,1,2).
This was configured in both cases (eDRX cycle = 20.48 & eDRX cycle = 81.92).


Suggest you test again with latest FW.
When URC +KUDP_DATA: 1,6 is lost, please still try to use AT+KUDPRCV=1,1000 to see if UDP data is missed.
And use AT+KRIC=128,0,1,2 to enable GPIO2 to indicate the UDP data reception.
(Please keep RTS low active and AT&K3 during the test)