HL7800 eDRX consumption

Hi I’m testing the consumption of my HL78 in eDRX mode and hybernate.

  • AT+KEDRXCFG=1,4,6,2
  • AT+KSLEEP=1,2,10

The firmware version of my HL78 is 4.6.8

With an OTII quitech connected in the C802 slot of the dev card , I show the eDrx event every 102.4 second.
But I’ve other consumption event every 30 second.

Do you have an idea ?

Hi philippe.surbayrole,

Have you used the +CEDRXS command to configure the eDRX?

Important: To enable/disable/configure eDRX, use only one of +KEDRXCFG or +CEDRXS. Do not use a combination of both commands.
The +KEDRXCFG command expands upon AT+CEDRXS by including the configuration of the eDRX Paging Time Window (PTW).
PTW change does not trigger a TAU immediately but will take effect in the next TAU or ATTACH request.

Hi Donald

Indeed, I have this operation.
After a while, I do have the peaks in eDRX consumption as requested, but I still have these peaks every 30 seconds that persist.

Hi philippe.surbayrole

Please contact your distributor for support in this case.

I take it your SIM doesnt support “UICC deactivation” as described in “AirPrime HL7800 Low Power Modes Application” section 6.2.4?

I’ve had multiple discussions with our distributor and Sierra regarding this issue with no solution.
As far as I understand if the SIM doesn’t support this “UICC deactivation” feature it is required for the modem to poll the sim-card for status every now and then, which is done with a 30s period in the HL7800.

It is also not possible to modify this interval (even though it is possible to negotiate a longer interval with the SIM)