HL7800 eDRX consumption

Hi I’m testing the consumption of my HL78 in eDRX mode and hybernate.

  • AT+KEDRXCFG=1,4,6,2
  • AT+KSLEEP=1,2,10

The firmware version of my HL78 is 4.6.8

With an OTII quitech connected in the C802 slot of the dev card , I show the eDrx event every 102.4 second.
But I’ve other consumption event every 30 second.

Do you have an idea ?

Hi philippe.surbayrole,

Have you used the +CEDRXS command to configure the eDRX?

Important: To enable/disable/configure eDRX, use only one of +KEDRXCFG or +CEDRXS. Do not use a combination of both commands.
The +KEDRXCFG command expands upon AT+CEDRXS by including the configuration of the eDRX Paging Time Window (PTW).
PTW change does not trigger a TAU immediately but will take effect in the next TAU or ATTACH request.

Hi Donald

Indeed, I have this operation.
After a while, I do have the peaks in eDRX consumption as requested, but I still have these peaks every 30 seconds that persist.

Hi philippe.surbayrole

Please contact your distributor for support in this case.