IPCP (PPP) doesn't seem to work on serial port


I’m replacing our Airlink Ravens with GX400’s. The serial port of the Raven connects to the serial port on a Cisco router. The router initiates a PPP session (via a chat script) with the Raven, and during the IPCP phase the Raven provides the IP address to the router’s serial port.

However, when I connect the new GX400, the IP address is not getting transferred from the GX to the router serial port. Using debug mode on the Cisco I can see the GX400 entering PPP mode but IPCP fails after that.

I can supply more detailed logs if necessary. Has anyone else come across this. Any ideas? I don’t think it’s the router because it works fine with the Raven and the config is fairly simple. Both the Raven and the GX400 run ALEOS (different versions).

SOS. Thanks…Ron

Hello Ron,

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