Internet connection problems

I am using the wavecom supreme (OS Version 663c) with the latest WIP plugin (version 3.10.2033)
to run an application, which tries to access a web server after establishing a GPRS internet
The application works fine on the supreme without the expansion card.

However, when I insert the IESM expansion card, GPRS initialization (wip_bearer start) is much slower
and internet connection to the server sometimes fails, resulting in a WIP_CEV_ERROR message with a WIP_CERR_DNS_FAILURE code.

I do not make any use of the features provided by the extension board.

What could be the cause of this problem ?

Hi methusalem,
The IESM card just expand some feature as GPIO, USB or GPS. It does not affect to GSM feature at all. So the problem you have got do not related to this card. My appl run GPRS well with IEMS card. Have you sure that if you take the IESM card, the GPRS run well? Have you tried again?

Hi trthaithong,

thanks for your reply.

When running my application without the IESM card, GPRS initialization and connection to the
sever always succeed. This has proven more than a hundred times.

Connection problems only occur with the extension card plugged in.

I also testet GPS feature of the extension card using the software samples provided with the SDK -
and it worked. So the card itself should be ok.