Integrating EM9191 with Bplus Technology USB3M2 adapter board

Does anyone have any experience integrating the EM9191 with the USB adapter board from Bplus Technology Co, Ltd. (USB3M2 series, v1.1). maybe a whitepaper or some other documentation?

We are having trouble getting it to run when connected. We have tied PCIE_DIS (pin 20) to 1.8V but that didn’t seem to change the behavior.

this one design for sierra em919x and em7960

Thanks Ray. Not entirely sure how that answers the question that I asked?

you need connect 1.8v to PIN22 at same time for usb mode

Thanks Ray, we tried that but still no luck. Somewhere it was mentioned that the EM9191 may have other signals at different voltages as well? Could one of those be causing a problem?

And just to clarify, I don’t want to switch to the adapter you mentioned because we are integrating this into our own HW and figuring it out on this Bplus adapter is the first step (i.e. we will run into the same issues on our HW as we are having with this adapter).