Installing Custom Stack for Q24+ *Instructions*


I had a hard time finding this info in the WC documentation, so I thought I would pass it on. Here are step by step instructions. Hope this helps someone.

Program your IMEI #

AT+WIMEI=your IMEI (Different with each modem)

To install TCP/IP stack:

Deactivate OPEN AT application with AT+WOPEN=0
Send the AT+WDWL command
Send the stack you are loading (for me, ads_eDsoft_312.dwl) using Xmodem1K option in HyperTerminal

Reset Unit

Activate Open AT application with AT+WOPEN=1

Enter AT#VVERSION. You should get the answer VVERSION: “eDsoft-W312_V3.12 145346 ARM REL Jan 26 2007 11:57:05”. Could be different, if you are using different stack.

Enter the eDevice key
AT#EDEVICEKEY=“your key” (Different with each modem)

Reset Unit

Register on the network: AT+CGREG=1
Wait for OK
Attach to the network AT+CGATT=1
Set AT#dialN1=“99**1#”
Start the connection AT#connectionstart
If connects, you’re done.

hello is it possible that you still have the .dwl file?
Or is it possible to find it somewhere?