Installation Validation

  1. I have installed “Expresso”
  2. I plugged in my USBConnect 881
  3. Windows XP recognized the device and displayed a series of messages (from the icon tray)
  4. I open Expresso, but get this message: “Expresso tried to communicate with your target, but it could not connect. Adjust your connection’s settings and hit the “Connect” button.”
  5. I’ve tried connecting to each COMn port, but get the same result each time.

Apparently, something is wrong. But I’ve exhausted all my ideas. I cannot find anything related to this in the forums. I’ve googled for ideas, nothing seems to show up.

Any ideas of what I should do next?


  1. make sure you’ve got the right comport
  2. try to communicate with your modem using something like ‘hyperterminal’
    (‘AT’ command should get an ‘OK’ responce)

I thought the whole point of this “Expresso” thing was that it should be “as easy as 1, 2, 3” and that one should not have to mess about with Hypoterminal and suchlike…