Installation Probs OPEN AT 4.13

Having a prob installing OPEN AT v4.13. Machine had v4.00 previously installed. Tried uninstalling/deleting folders/entries in registry to clean it out completely. Comes up with the following error during install.

“Error extracting support files: The parameter is incorrect.”
Also encountered error accesing memory location

Installs fine on my home pc .

I faced the same problem when installing OAT 4.13 to computer with Windows 2000, but ok with another computer with Windows XP (Prof)

Then I first install it to WinXP computer with different folder name (e.g. OAT413). Then I copy the whole folder to Win2000 computer. Wroks fine. Just remember to choose correct directory when you use OAT projrect Wizard to create new project

It appears that the old vers. of OAT didn’t uninstall completely. Dunno why ? machine was stuck in a loop that I cudn’t uninstall the remaining files or re-install or repair a new version. Finally re-formatted and
reinstalled OAT 4.13 on a ‘clean’ machine - problem painfully sorted.