Can anybody say about tehnology of InSIM? What is the tehnical implementation of SIM chip in WMP? Wavecom keep silence on this question. Has somebody expirience in this area. I know that in France there is such arrangement witj network operators. Have somebody such samples abroad France?


inSIMâ„¢ technology from Wavecom was derived to address several concerns of industrial M2M and automotive product customers.

The first element is the “industrial” aspect of the types of product Wavecom customers make. While they use what is essentially consumer driven mobile phone core technologies, they are not discarded by the user 18-24 months after purchase in order to but the latest model. Instead, these industrial products are aften deployed in the field for 5, 10, 15 or more years and often in environments more harsh than in our pockets! inSIMâ„¢ technology eliminates product failures in the field that can occur as a result of excessive temperatures, vibration and humidity.

This is achieved by taking the physical SIM die from the plastic SIM card we are all familiar with and embedding it on top of one of the existing silicon devices inside every Wavecom Wireless CPU. The fact that it is the same die is reassuring for network operators who do not want to risk security breaches in the part of the system that is linked to money! This is a very important point: inSIMâ„¢ is a silicon solution with no changes or impact to 3GPP security models and is not a virtual (software) SIM as some people believe.

The second element is the logistics and supply chain. The complexity of making a cellular product is further reduced due to the fact that the inSIMâ„¢ is (a) already inside the Wireless CPU purchased by a Wavecom customer and (b) has the ability to be preprogrammed with a subscription which can be activated on deployment of the finished product. It allows shipment of a Wireless CPU that can be plugged directly in to the final product and works “out-of-the-box”.

You can see inSIMâ„¢ technology as the removal of one of the most siginificant barriers to easing M2M product design for the creators of M2M businesses.

Finally, a message to the forum moderator to move this post to a new section entittled inSIMâ„¢ since inSIM will be made available on the Wireless Microporcessor Family, the Q26 Series and the Fastrack Supreme.