Hi I am new here

I want to implement M2M module, such as the Embedded SIM, to my wearable device. But to be honest, I have no idea what to do for this. I mean I know that I can use the module and write the driver or something. But I know nothing about the normal procedure for developing such M2M device. Would someone kindly tell me something about this? Or send me a link that generally talks about this. Thank you so much.

what kind of device do you have?
if it is a device which has communication port i think you can use fastract xtend modems insead of modules. If you do not know much about implementing M2M, i think it is easer to use a ready unit like xtend modems.
if you need to implement the m2m module inside your device, you will need your processor to talk with module with AT commands.
i do not know hardware detail of integration. may someone help finding a guide document for you

Hi Nathan,

Welcome to the forum, a wearable device, sound interesting. :slight_smile:

On top of zafer’s comment, I think you should check the product brochure for info of available products, for example:


Understand you need embedded SIM, but I believe there are physical concern as per wearable device, i.e. form factor, hardware interface, power consumption.
And also software interface, network technology(2G/3G/LTE), whether you use external processor or Open AT Application framework (http://www.sierrawireless.com/productsandservices/AirPrime/Application_Framework.aspx to eliminate the needs for external processor.

You can check with your local distributor when your decision made or you can ask for their advice.

Hope this helps and good luck.