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We are planning on adding a cell modem to our semi-remote data collection sites and was hoping to get some help to point us in right direction. We currently have an embedded Digi processor that handles our satellite communication, but would like to add a surface mount cell for low volume data transfer. We would like to support all US carriers. Can we do this with one module? We would like the embedded SIM option as well as the GPS module. If anybody has insight into this topic I would appreciate your feedback.

Have you checked m130 from Digi?
It has Orbcomm satellite comm + GSM/GPRS + GPS. It is based on WMP100 processors from Sierra, so you have Open AT too.
US carriers - WMP100 is AT&T certified. So, I guess you should be able to handle it. Better check with Digi.
Embedded SIM - not available with m130.

You mean this: … p#overview :question:

I just heard from Digi that they no longer offer the m130 for sale.