My device generates strange tracebacks. They’re reported as InitDSP KO!.
Here comes the traceback:

Unknown function (55555555)

They also generate a trace: HWL, InitDSP KO!.

What could be the cause? When they appear, device can’t log onto GSM network.
I’m working with a FXT009, fw 7.46

They are traces level 1, and appear BEFORE “ADL, level 1, Binary header at 00260000”. Device cannot be reset in such a way that they don’t appear in given power cycle by AT+CFUN=1(they will reappear if reset in such “KO! failed” state)

InitDSP KO! means the firmware is unable to load or communicate with the DSP. If there is no communication with DSP, then there is no GSM connectivity. The only way out of this is a reset. Enable +WCER indications on firmware. If you get a +WCER unsolicited response during power-up, then perform an external power reset.

There is no documentation on the meaning of the codes - so, I guess, you’ll have to contact your Distributor or FAE to find out what they mean?

… also do the traces for us …

Ie. Sierra Wireless has no idea what’s going on. I’ll send the device to FAE and see if they can work something out.