Fatal error information +WLERR


We have a system in the field which had to be physically power cycled to recover it when we have the hardware watchdog and other internal systems in an attempt to automatically recover.

When the system was recovered it started fine, our logging system logged nothing and AT+WLERR=1 reported the following:

+WLERR: 0,1,“WM mirror set up”
+WLERR: 0,2,“Except RTX: task ASE, bad memory access by 0x36DE”
+WLERR: 0,3,“Except RTX: task RR, bad memory access by 0x158334”
+WLERR: 1,0
+WLERR: 2,30956,32760,3

Anyone know what “WM mirror set up” means and if that could relate to the failure that occurred?
Does anyone know how to query more detailed information via AT commands without having physical access to the FXT009?



it seems to be the issue related to E2P memory corruption…
I will recommend you to contact your distributor/reseller to get proper technical support.