In-System-Programming via SPI Success

Has anyone tried reflashing an ATmel device using the Bus Service SPI api’s and an In-System-Programming process. I’d sure like to here of any success out there.

I have a Q2686 connected to an Atmel device via SPI and want to support field reflash/upgrades. The idea is to get a HEX file onto the modem and then go through a flash sequence; device id check, erase, flash and verify etc’

My concern is that Q2686 SPI may only support HALF DUPLEX.


No: the Q2686 SPI does support full duplex.

Was that your only concern about this?

where do you base that on? (that it is capable of reading while writing?)

I do wonder what you mean by only :question:

I mean, apart from that, what other issues could there be?

eg, Is specific timing required?

yes u have full duplex spi ,
u can use 3-wire or 4-wire SPI,

read the adl user guide , this things are clearly stated there

Hmmmm - not so sure about “clearly”…