If VoIP (SIP) LTE router hardware can support VoLTE?


We have a LTE VoIP (1 FXS port) router with MC7700 module built-in. If the same hardware can support VoLTE by modifying the VoIP SIP software to VoLTE software?, if anyone can advise?, or if any VoLTE solution, thanks


Hi William,

This forum section is meant to be used for Forum related questions only. I doubt you’ll get an answer here :slight_smile:

I’d move your post to the right section, although I don’t understand what your question relates to… is it a MC7700 question? To me, it seems more to be a router software question? Is it a Sierra Wireless router? and what model?




It is a MC7700 driver question and is related to router software, too. Plrease you can move to the right section for me, thanks, William Lee