How to verify the EM9191 starts up properly?

EM9191 fails to appear on USB, in an Ubuntu 22.04.2 environment, on a M2 KeyB socket and supposedly capable motherboard.
“lshw”, with and without the module, do not differ significantly.
The module appears “warm”, to the touch.
A M.2 NVMe is mounted on a separate M2 KeyM socket, and working.

Did you install the correct MBPL linux usb driver?

Have you also tried in windows?

A Windows-test is not an option.
MBPL-drivers are present.
However, the module does not seem to be detected by the low-level bus-drivers.

Should the module always become detected via the usb-bus, when it is present?
Are there any additional requirements for the module to start up and become available on the usb-bus?
Do cables and antennas have to be mounted?
Are there any non-standard electrical requirements on the M2-interface?

did you check the PCIE_DIS pin?

We are now looking into the whether the host-board is compatible with the power-up and interface requirements noted in the technical documentation available for the EM9191 from Sierra.

Thank you.