How to use the DWLWin tool change FLASH object size


Hiya, The default falsh object size is 128KB, but I want to use more. Any one know how to use the DWLWin tool change FLASH object size?
I am using Firmware 7.43 and OS 6.32.
I download the DWLWin tool but there are no WAVECOM binary, Eeprom parameters and customization files, where can I download those files and how modify the falsh size? Is there any doc from wavecom website? Thanks!


any boday know how to modify the flash object size? I look forward your help, thanks advance!


Download the new DWLWin, newest firmware for your module (it should have WPK extension), connect all of this and start download. Before download begins it will ask you about desired flash object size. I’ve never changed it but you may try.