How to Change SL8080T Flash Objects Size?

How can we change the flash objects size in SL8080T?

We used DWLWin for the older Q2687RD. But it appears that DWLWin cannot be used, or else we need a newer version than

It looks like the flash objects default size is around 130K. During init, I call adl_flhGetFreeMem() and adl_flhGetUsedSize(NULL, 0, 0) to query the sizes.


I need to change it so we have at least 1.6M and 7500 objects.

I’m running R7.52.0:

“DWL”," S4_1_0_13BT R2032 CNSZXD00000132 2014/02/26 09:41:35","",“Sierra Wireless”,0,"",“00000000”,“00000000”
“FW”,“FW_752_68.SL808Fx”,“R7.52.0.201404040850.SL8080T”,“Sierra Wireless”,1790532,“040414 08:50”,“298b2dad”,“10002020”
“MODEM 3G+”,“Revision: S4_1_0_13AP R2032 CNSZXD00000132 2014/02/26 09:41:35”



From R7.52 firmware (for the SL6 and SL8) or newer, while the API’s for A&D and flash objects are available for backwards compatibility are available they are all emulated with the file system sitting underneath them. As a result I would strongly recommend using this.

Re the difference between the 2G and 3G units, obviously the SL6 is STE based where the SL8 is Qualcomm based which means the tools are not the same between the two of them. There is not an equivalent to DWLWin (used for the 2G units and written/owned by Sierra) which we can hand out for the the 3G units to re size memory area’s which in effect are prohibited by firmware operation, the only permitted operations are those that can be carried out through the AT commands (at+wopen=6,x,x). The only tools that can do this for the 3G units are QC owned/maintained and subject to their licensing.