How to configure max number of flash objects using DWLWIN?


1)The flash object area size can be configured only using DWLWIN.
2)There is no AT command or API which allows to set the size of the Flash object area.
3)The default number of ID’s is 2560 for 32Mb flash and 5120 for 64Mb flash.
4)The maximum number of flash objects that can exist at any given time is 7936. Using WPK along with DWLWIN, the user can change the default value in the range 2560 to 7936

While configuring the Flash object area using DWLWIN it is required to enter the FLASH object areas size in Kbytes. The default flash objects data size for WCPU®’s with 64Mb flash is stated as 384KB. However for both 32Mb and 64Mb flash types, the maximum FLASH object size that can be set with DWLWIN is 1728KB.
So if you want to configure the flash object ID’s to maximum allowed number i.e. 7936 configure the Flash Object Area with the value as 1728 Kb. After configuring this, modify the default maximum no. of entries to 7936.