how to use source from another project?

Hello help for a non-programmer please
I have a group of functions I would like to use in a number of projects.
It does not seem possible to just have a common source file used in a number of projects?
Does one have to import the whole project including the relevant functions?

You have two options:

  • either create a library project, on which other projects can depend to access to the offered functions (the favorite one…)
  • or create a linked folder in each project you want to compile these source file

There is a third way:

  • Simply copy the source files into whatever project(s) use them!

thank you I’ve been copy/pasting but it has disadvantage of subsequent changes not applying to all copies!!

In some ways, that can be an advantage!

eg, you can test your changes in one project, and not incorporate them into the others until a convenient point after testing…