How to use M1306B in UBUNTU

pls help how to use M1306B in ubuntu. How to configure and where to find its directory.

do i need to install something? or download something?

What exactly do you mean by, “use”?

Do you just want to use it as a modem?

Or are you asking how to install & use the Open-AT SDK?

Or what??

i have the hardware and a PC how to use it in ubuntu i want to configure the M1306B can i do that?

You didn’t answer the question :unamused: but I take it that means you just want to use it as a “dumb” modem - yes?

In that case, as far as the PC is concerned, there is no difference between this modem and any other modem - or, in fact, any other RS232 peripheral!
You just need to set-up the PC’s serial port and whatever communications program (eg, a terminal emulator) you will be using.

Similarly, as far as the M1306B is concerned, there is no difference between a PC running Ubuntu and a PC running Windoze

  • or, in fact, any other RS232 host!

You will need to read the User Guide for the M1306B, and the AT Commands Interface Guide

oh i am sory, yes i am using it as a modem but i plug it in a usb port not in a serial port is there a difference?

and where can i see my logs?

The M1306B doesn’t have USB - so you can’t plug it directly into a USB port!

I presume you mean you’re using a USB-to-RS232 converter?

If so, you need to be sure that the USB-to-RS232 converter provides a full serial port suitable for use with modems - including all the control lines.

I don’t know how USB-to-RS232 converters are handled on Ubuntu, but on Windoze they appear as just another COM port - and you handle them exactly as any other COM port…

am ok thank u awniel for ur help, ur a big help