How to usd CM and apps

I have study Legato Getting Started guid and try to test.

But I can’t using CM command and I have no idea how to debug it.

So I have some question as below.

1. Why the CM command didn’t response(cm.png) , Do I miss something?
And what’s the log means?

2. How can I connect to internet by 3G/LTE, using CM or others?
3. Who can provide an sample image(kernel and rootfs) to me to referance that can connect to carrier.

Many thanks

you should start the modemService

root@swi-mdm9x15:~# app start modemService
Starting app ‘modemService’…

I have the same Problem as okqqkimo1, although modemService is started.

I´ve checked the startup Messages and tried both with and without SIM Card, but i can´t get any response.

Strangely i also don´t get any log with cm data or cm data info


Sounds like something strange has happened on your board.

Can you run the following and add to the post
sdir list
app status
legato status

Also, what version are you running?