cm data connect - no response

Hi, I have a MangOH green with 16.04. It has an active SIM (checked using cm radio) and correct apn (checked using cm data)…

however when I try can connect using cm data connect it just never responds. The legato Console shows the following message. How do I go about interpreting these?

I have also changed pdp to IPV4 only.


Never mind… my APN was wrong after all :open_mouth:

But is there a reference for all these error codes and messages anywhere to help debug things in the future?

Not really, but here the error that you’re getting is simply a timeout when the MDC ask the modem to connect to the network.
Luckily you found the problem which was the APN, but a weak or busy network connection, or a problem with the subscription, would likely have had the exact same effects.

You can get more details about error codes from Legato source code.

Example, from your log we can see the following error message:
le_mdc.c le_mdc_StartSession() 797 | Get Connection failure 11, 1018, 6, 33

From “le_mdc.c” source file, in “le_mdc_StartSession()” function, we can see that the first value (“11” in this example) is defined in the “le_mdc_DisconnectionReason_t” enum: … ource.html

So, you have been disconnected from network due to “requested service option not subscribed” (this is the reason returned by the network).