How to Transfer the audio and microphone With AT with FXT009

Hello i am new theme,

How to Transfer the audio and microphone With AT with FXT009

The headset I am using is Genius hs- 300A Rear Band.
specification :
108dB +/- 3dB -sensitivity
-frequency response 20hz -20khz
-UNI driver u30mm
-Impedance 32ohm
-Cable length 1.8 meters

someone can help me solve this details

the command that I use are

ats0 = 1
at+speaker = 1
at+cicb = 0
at+vgr = 0
at+vgt = 0

micófono but remains silent and hear nothing

Thanks before hand

Is it like you want to transfer audio from your computer to your module?

How are you connecting your headset to the module? Are you using any sound cards?
It seems like You would have to use the souncard’s audio in/out to connect to the Fastrack’s audio in/out.

Check the Fastrack User Guide for audio levels, pinout, etc…

Also you have mentioned default incoming call bearer as ‘data’ using AT+CICB=0 command :confused:


As already noted, it’s not at all clear what you’re actually trying to do!

The best way to describe it would be to post a diagram - use the ‘Upload attachment’ button in the reply form, and choose ‘place in-line’ to have it appear as a picture in the post.

Alternatively, place it on an accessible site somewhere, and use the ‘Img’ button to link it…

hi ,

It really is checked the user manual and tell me the pinout and pinin but when I use the command to activate and able to pass the mic and the audio does not work for me .

Thank you ,