FX100 Audio Transmission via USB


I have a FX100.
AT commands could be sent via Putty perfectly.
GSM Voice call could be established with “ATD” too.

However, I’m unable to find a way to send the voice data (PCM wave) to the modem via USB/Serial.
Is there any AT command to enable this so that I can send/receive the GSM voice data via USB/Serial?

Thank you.

I suggest you take a look at the User guide for FX series.

developer.sierrawireless.com/Res … Guide.aspx

There are two audio interfaces.

The analog interface is available in the DB15 connector. There are 2 signals for microphone and 2 for the speaker.

The digital PCM interface is available in the extension connector. So you would need to design an extension card with a PCM codec.

Or perhaps you could develop an Open-AT application to transfer the digital data over the UART interface…