how to send an SMS message from a PC?

How to send an SMS message from a PC with nothing more than a TCP/IP connection via ethernet?


I tend to use the following commands - look them up in the AT Commands manual:


You will also need to know your network’s SMS Service Centre (“Message Centre”) number, and set it using AT+CSCA

You can save these settings with AT+CSAS

You may also want to set AT+CMEE=1

Do any of the links at the end of this thread help you: … php?t=1142

awneil, thanks.

do you have any thoughts about questions 2 and 3?

Doesn’t cover that?

In particular, … romPC2.asp

Here’s a couple more gateway providers for you: - you can get a FREE account with 10 credits on it to test! :slight_smile:

and did you read about Kannel, mentioned here: … smsGateway

You can try this free sms software, that does a HTTP to SMS. You need to get a Wavecom modem to use it. :smiley:

You can also use Skype - see: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1142&p=8445&hilit=skype#p8445

It may or may not work out cheaper than using a GSM mobile or module…

Note that it may not be necessary to set this explicitly - see:

at least i never needed to set this.