How to send an SMS message from a PC?

How to send an SMS message from a PC with nothing more than a TCP/IP connection via ethernet?

Don’t just keep repeating the same question when you already have a thread on exactly the same subject and have received answers in that thread! :unamused:

Please pay attention to the answers you’ve already been given:
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your response is awaited in that thread!

thanks. but this is a different question.

in this case, i do not have access to a gprs radio/modem. all i have is the computer and ethernet connection to the internet. i need to develop the messaging application for that.

  1. what protocols do i use to send SMS to a gprs radio?
  2. what information do i need to provide to the wireless service provider?
  3. what information do i get back from the wireless service provider to confirm receipt of the message?

No, it isn’t!

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Those are both exactly the same words in exactly the same order - how can they be different questions?! :unamused:

Yes, and that is exactly what is described in the links provided.
Have you actually studied any of them?