How to send a STK command


Hi all,
I’m new in the Wavecom Forum, and I have some problems in my project
I hope you can help me

I want to take the value of Timing Advance (TA) without specifics AT commands (at+cced=0,4). The only way I found are the STK command “PROVIDE LOCAL INFORMATION” which gives TA (this command requests the Mobile (ME) to send current local information to the SIM).
But I don’t know how to send a STK command, knowing that the only interface I have to communicate with the module (Q2686H) are the “AT command interface”.
A possibility perhaps is to use the standard AT command “+CSIM”. This command allows a direct control of the SIM by a distant application on the computer (the Terminal Equipment TE). The TE shall then take care of processing SIM information within the frame specified by GSM.
The specification concerning this command is 27.007 (AT command set for User Equipment (UE)).
However the using of this command is not clear and I do not manage to write it correctly.

In the spec the command “+CSIM” is defined as follows:
: integer type; length of the characters that are sent to computer in command or response (two times the actual length of the command or response). In the Wavecom documentation, must be between 10 end 522.
: represents the command sent by the Mobile to the SIM, it is a hexadecimal value. We can’t send all the command because some bytes are not supported. The not supported bytes are defined in Wavecom documentation and in the spéc. 3GPP.

So my questions are:

  • The CSIM is the way to send STK command?
    If yes, what is the exact syntax of this command? It is possible to have an example?
    If not, what is the way to send a STK command?

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Why do you not want to use at+cced=0,4 :question:


Because if I use at+cced=0,4 it is a specific solution which does not work in general. I want to explain my approach: I work with Wavecom module because it is an open platform (that gives a lot of possibilities especially with OpenAT) but my final goal is to take the TA value on a classic phone of today (and a lot of phones today support STK)

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