STK (SIM Toolkit) AT Commands on EM8805/EM7305

This is the built-in 3G/4G modem in a Fujitsu Lifebook laptop. I’m told they should be the same as the MC series.

The Extended AT Commands document lists some AT!STK… commands;
AT!STKVER does display a version number, but the rest just seem to give ERROR:

Any ideas what I’m missing, or where I’m going wrong?

It doesn’t help that the documentation is pretty opaque;
eg, it talks about “unsolicited SIM commands”, but the 3GPP specs say that the SIM can’t do anything unsolicited. I presume they mean “unsolicited” in terms of the host-ME interface, rather than actually unsolicited from the SIM itself?

Even with that, it seems that they sometimes get “command” and “response” muddled-up…?


Did you reset the modem after the


command? I just tested on my MC7710 and it required a reset before the setting became active.

Yes, tried that - no difference:


Then I don’t know. FWIW this seems to work as documented on the MC7710:

!STKC: 25

!STKGC: 25,6,0,0,4,54454C454E4F52,0,0








Profile config=0A0A00007FFFFF


Note: No OEM password required except for the at!custom command


Do you also have that “STKEN” in the !CUSTOM list?
If so, what is it set to?
(it isn’t mentioned in the document).

If you do AT+CLAC, do you get the !STK… commands in the list?



So the AT Commands are looking to be a dead-end.


Maybe QMI is the way to go - but where to start with that??


Could very well be. I assume that’s how the communication between SWIs application and the Qualcomm chip/baseline firmware is implemented in the firmware anyway.

But I haven’t the faintest clue where to start doing STK commands with QMI. I know Marcel Holtmann mentioned having implemented some of it in oFono a long time ago. Ref: … 00080.html

You might want to check out the current QMI code in oFono, libqmi and the CodeAurora Gobi project and see if there is some STK example code there. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re on your own here… All these projects have naturally focused most on making basic services work, and STK is rarely requested.

No, I only have the “STKUIEN”,2 which is mentioned. And the STK commands, except STKVER, all fail without this setting, so I believe this is the enabling switch.

And there are no other “STK*” variables listed by “at!custom=?”

No. But I don’t get any of the Sierra specific commands, so that’s not surprising I.e, there are no commands with a ! prefix in the list.

OK, thanks - so that’s just inconclusive either way.

I note that the AT+CLAC response does include $QCSIMAPP:

But I can’t find any documentation of that


I’ll make that a separate thread: