How to access Sim Toolkit application with At Command?

How to access STK menu on SIM through At Command and give the response to it? Bcoz in the at command wavecom manual description is very poor. Could anybody help me with the At Command list how to do it? Thanks all.

There’s a whole bunch of references here:

You can have a look to Wavecom AT Commands guide. There is a bunch of AT commands dedicated to this.

You can - but, from his original post, I guess he’s already done that:

I guess what he really needs is a description of how to actually use those commands - which is where the Wavecom documentation commonly falls down… :cry:

Thanks awneil, your guest is right. I need clear explanation how to using those at command for accessing sim toolkit application.

You can download and read this document. Thre are illustrated examples of STK operation inside :

I can download it (232KB of it), but I can’t read it:


Use Google…

Many thanks, Wallace. I am really appreciate it.

Mea Culpa :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone,

Really enlightening information for me :slight_smile: