How to save my modem

i did some mistake in my code in adl_main function. bc of this mistake, modem restarts automaticly.
the mistake causes the reset, is located just a few lines under the first line of my code in adl_main.
so i have no time to stop the modem with at+wopen=0
basicly it starts and restarts and starts and restarts … and no time to stop it.
How can i save this modem? is there any way

You can use DWLwin to delete your application.


hi friend.
i have dwlWin version. i have fastract supreme. but i dont know much about using dwlwin program. as i read application help, i fallow the steps but it couldnt boot up the target to autodetect cpu type. Insead of autodetecting, i select a cpu type ramdomly from the combobox but it again couldnt connect the target.
while trying to perform operations, my modem was still reseting in a loop. What should i do for dwlwin program to connect the modem? What am i doing wrong?