How to retreive sms sent when the application is not running

I use a fastrack supreme 20 and need to receive sms when the fastrack is running and also when it is not running. I use adl_smsSubscribe and thanks to the SmsHandler, I am able to receive sms. But, if I send a sms when the fastrack is not powered on, after starting the fastrack, the SmsHandler is never called. What is the best way to retreive these sms ?

How long did you actually wait before concluding that it is “never” called?

There can be a significant delay - many minutes - between a unit starting and the network actually getting around to delivering SMS messages that have been waiting for it!

If you’re worried that the application might be starting too slowly, then disable automatic registration - and don’t register until the application is ready to receive & handle SMS

I was waiting approximately 5 minutes.
As you explain, I disable automatic registration, and it works good. The SmsHander is now called very quickly after powering on the fastrack.
Thanks a lot.