Fastrack 1306 GPIO and UART2 and SMS resource sharing

Just a note to whomever need to use the GPIO service and SMS and timers,

It is impossible to have them all working together because they share some resources.

if you have a timer scanning the GPIO’s and you need to start a UART or SMS operation you need to stop the timer, send the SMS and start the timer…

Have fun

How have you proved this?

What version(s) is/are affected?


sorry for the delay,

this problem was found for the fastrack 1306B

the adl version: v3r13

the timer call back service takes over the response resource for the SMS.

this causes abnormal response form the modem.

what you need to do is:

unsubscribe from the timer
call the SMS send routine
in the smsctrlhandler (callback for out going SMS) if the response was OK then re-subscribe to your timer…

hope this help