How to rename a Project?

Yes - in the Project Explorer, there is a ‘Rename’ option.

But, after using that, the renamed project will not build.

The inlcude paths have to be manually edited to change all occurrences of


How can a project be renamed without having to do this manual editing?

Also, how can I update the folder name on the hard drive to reflect the new Project name within DS :question:

Already known issue: we know that changing the project structure (I mean renaming folders & projects) is painful because of the necessary manual operations to update the include settings.

We’ve raised a bug on Eclipse side to ask them working on the topic (, as this kind of refactoring is perfectly managed in the Java IDE, but not in the C/C++ one.

Meanwhile, we’ll try to implement workarounds.
One tip we’ll probably implement: in your project settings, use the ${PrjName} variable instead of the hard-coded project name for your include settings: they will be automatically updated when the project is renamed.

(By the way, renaming the project in Eclipse automatically renames the folder on the disk.)

I’m pretty sure it didn’t for me :confused:

Maybe that only applies when you have the ‘use default location’ option checked…?

You’re probably right; as soon as you don’t use the default location for the project, Eclipse won’t rename the folder (since it is “out of the workspace control”). The initial folder you’ve initially chosen may be also not named like the project within Eclipse…

Yes, that makes sense.

So how would I “manually” rename the folder :question:

Mmmm, you can’t do it without removing temporarily the project from DS/Eclipse control:

  1. “delete” the project from the workspace (but not from disk, obviously)
  2. rename the folder on disk
  3. import again the project in the workspace