Changing Project Location

Unchecking ‘Use default location’ should not clear the ‘Location’ entry box - it should leave the default path selected so that it can be easily edited if it’s nearly right.

Of course, if it is not close, a single keystroke will clear it.

(The dialogue chosed for the ‘Browse’ button is a very cumbersome one - the one more like a File Open dialogue is far easier to use).

Point logged, thanks for the suggestion.

But not fixed in 1.1.1 :frowning:

True. We’ve decided to include it in the refactoring of the New Project Wizard we are going to do for 1.2.0
Keep the faith :wink:

This was fixed for creating a New project, but the problem persists when copying a project

Mmm, what do you mean about “copying” a project?

In the Project Explorer:

  1. Right-click a project, and choose ‘Copy’
  2. Right-click in empty space, and choose ‘Paste’
  3. A ‘Copy Project’ dialogue appears with ‘Project name’ (defaults to"'Copy of "), ‘Use default location’ (defaults to checked), and ‘Location’ (defaults to greyed-out)
  4. Unchecking ‘Use default location’ clears the ‘Location’ entry.

Wasn’t aware that was possible!..
Unfortunately, if the Open AT project wizard is designed by us, this project copy/paste capability is entirely managed by Eclipse itself. Maybe should you post an evolution request at