Rename a Project?

Is there an easy way to rename a Project in M2MStudio so that it fully updates all references and settings?

The ‘Rename’ option in the Project explorer changes the name of the project, but doesn’t update things like the include paths to match the new name.
Also, if the project is a Library, other projects that use it don’t get updated.

Sorry about that, but this kind of refactoring operation is not correctly managed neither by CDT nor by M2M Studio.
We have a point about that in our backlog, waiting for a fix in CDT, or for implementing the feature by ourselves in the future.

Waiting for this fix, you can give a try with this workaround:

  • Rename the project in M2M Studio (e.g. from “foo” to “bar”)
  • Close M2M Studio
  • Look for the “foo” occurences in all the concerned projects (including ex-“foo” (new “bar”) itself) files. References and settings are persisted in .project and .cproject files.
  • Replace each old name reference by the new one.
  • Reopen M2M Studio