How to read Interrupt Pin


I m using Q24 Plus with 657c. I just want to know is it possible to read the interrupt pin.
i.e. if i send 1010 through interrupt pin, i have to perform particular operation. and if i get 101010, then some other operation. How do i read those!!

Is it possible to send the data ( 101010) at one stretch, so that +wind:12 comes after reading this? then i can perform my operation

With Regards,
Sunil Rao.M

What do you mean by, “at one stretch”?

If it’s going to a single pin, then it has to be sent as a sequence, doesn’t it?

What are you using to send this data?

Hi Anweil,

Yes, i am sending it in seqence. What i meant was “Is it possible to make it in such a way, that after i receives 101010 at the interrupt pin, then i want to perform the operation.”

What i want is to read the interrupt pin?

With Regards,
Sunil Rao

Sorry, I don’t know about the interrupt pin on a Q24 Plus.

But recognising the sequence “101010” at any pin is simply a matter of counting three 1-to-0 transisions, isn’t it?