How to re-build Octave + BT IoT slot card with FX30

Our customer would like to add BT IoT slot card to FX30 LTE-M with Octave.

We found how to add BT IoT Slot card to FX30 as below URL.

I think that this process is not including Octave code because it is re-build process in cwe file.

Because Octave SW is spk format.

Please advise how to re-build Octave + BT IoT slot card?

Hi @takashi_shiina ,
You are right. It looks like it currently support for the normal FW without Octave. You can contact your distributor for request


Thanks. This meaning is that we want to know cwe format for FX30 with Octave. So, we need to request it to Sierra Wireless contact person. Is it correct?

I understand re-build procedure for spk format at the following URL.
But I do not find the WP77xx FW with Octave. To build FW image with Octave, please let us know how to get Linux Distribution with Octave from source.