How to ping with AT command

Hello, is there a “built in” AT command to do a simple ping for example ping ? I found the keepalive ping and also found “ping on demand” but can not find how to “ping on demand” with an AT command. And by “built in” I mean that comes standard with the modems without requiring something be added.


Which products are you using?

Depends on products and software version, it is possible to do PING via built in AT commands.
Some products may require OpenAT framework which is free and easy to achieve PING via AT command.

I will look into the OpenAT framework. thanks


There used to be a ‘WipSoft’ application that you could load to modems that supported OpenAT. This added a whole range of AT+WIPxxx commands to do internet connectivity.

It used to be available as a separate download, but was then bundled into the OpenAT download. I’ve just had a trawl through the latest OpenAT 2.xx install and can find the documentation (WIPAT_Commands_USer_Guide.pdf), and what looks like the installer (WIPSoft.dwl).

Note that you need to use the version of WIPSoft that is built for the firmware version in your modem. Use


to work out what version of firmware is installed.

Or … talk to your distributor/FAE and ask them for the correct version of WIPSoft.

ciao, Dave