How to make FX30 enter USB-SS and Airplane mode?

How does a legato application put the FX30 in airplane mode (turn off the radios) and in USB-SS mode? Does this happen automatically when the cell modem or USB is not being used?

I see the WP8548 supports “Airplane: USB-SS” mode according to figure 3.3 on page 40 of the “AirPrime_WP75XX-WP8548_Product_Technical_Specification_Rev_14.pdf” document available here:

I figured out from this post that the FX30 goes into USB-SS mode automatically as long as nothing is keeping it awake:

I still haven’t found anything in the spec docs, forums, or legato power API documentation that tells me how to put the FX30 into (and out of) airplane mode (radios off) from a legato application. Anyone know how to do this?

Hi @jrm06c,
I suggest you post in the Legato forum since your question is Legato development specific, but specify you are using a WP8548 running Legato 16.10.x.