Hello forum,

I am currently designing my first system based on Sierra WP8548 chpiset and Legato.
I have two mangOH development kits:

  1. Old kit - Rev 2
  2. New kit - Rev 7 (Green (DV4))

With the first kit (old), after conducting some tests with my new firmware version (Make by my yocto project), I wanted to return to the default firmware.
=> From … rerelease9, I downloaded the default WP75 Firmware Packages:

  1. Customer configuration: Generic (early sample), SKU: 9101011, Configuration: 001.014_000
  2. Carrier Configuration: SKU 1102734, Configuration 001.002_000
    => Result: Ok, no error (Kernel, filesystem and Legato apps).

Now, if I want to test my firmware, I can not detect my mangHO kit when it is in fastboot mode (sys_reboot bootloader).

dmesg log:
[ 1480.807193] usb 1-4: new high-speed USB device number 6 using xhci_hcd
[ 1480.935767] usb 1-4: New USB device found, idVendor=1199, idProduct=68c0
[ 1480.935771] usb 1-4: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
[ 1480.935774] usb 1-4: Product: WP8548-G
[ 1480.935776] usb 1-4: Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
[ 1480.935778] usb 1-4: SerialNumber: 0123456789ABCDEF
[ 1480.936173] option 1-4:1.0: GSM modem (1-port) converter detected
[ 1480.936339] usb 1-4: GSM modem (1-port) converter now attached to ttyUSB1

Normally, I expected to read the following traces:

[ 1897.353216] usb 3-1.1: new high-speed USB device number 4 using ehci-pci
[ 1897.452286] usb 3-1.1: New USB device found, idVendor=18d1, idProduct=d00d
[ 1897.452290] usb 3-1.1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
[ 1897.452293] usb 3-1.1: Product: Android
[ 1897.452295] usb 3-1.1: Manufacturer: Google
[ 1897.452297] usb 3-1.1: SerialNumber: MDM9615

fastboot devices -l => MDM9615 fastboot usb:3-1.1

Do you know how to get back with “fastboot” ?

Thanks for you help,

I tested this at command on both devices

With the same configuration, the result is different.

ATI command on old kit - rev2

Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
Model: WP8548
Revision: SWI9X15Y_07.08.02.00 r31088 CARMD-EV-FRMWR1 2016/02/05 23:29:29
IMEI: 359377060001178
FSN: LL516400950102

ATI command on new kit - rev7
Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
Model: WP8548
Revision: SWI9X15Y_07.05.01.00 r30585 CARMD-EV-FRMWR1 2015/12/08 01:28:58
IMEI: 359377060009916
FSN: LL540300120403


Regarding the “fastboot mode”, it has been disabled for WP85 modules since Legato 16.01 delivery.

It is listed in the Customer Release Note available on the “Source”:

But it should come back in the future delivery.

If you were using fastboot tool for flashing Yocto images then you can still use fwupdate tool to do the same (using *.cwe files generated in the build folder).